In brief, the house - formerly known as casa Fiaschi – was once known to everyone in the neighbourhood. Nonna (Granny) Giulia would be up early every morning to light the fire in the big fireplace and prepare a pot of porridge for local workmen and the schoolchildren who used to leave their bicycles here. My Grandad, Ferruccio, on the other hand, worked night and day to ensure his home had every comfort. He built a well, where the few neighbouring families could also come to draw water year-round, and an oven where once a week the women gathered to bake fresh bread and roast chickens. On days around special holidays a wide variety of typical Sienese cakes and biscuits would be made: doughnuts, raisin cakes, ‘cantucci’ – hard baked biscuits to dip in wine, and the whole place was filled with a mix of delicious smells. In those days after supper people from the neighbourhood would come in and gather to talk round the fire, or in summer to sit outside together in the cool to tell stories or sing songs. As time went by Otello, my father – then a young man - fell in love with a girl called Primetta who came to live nearby. In 1946 I was born. I’m Alessandra. I, too, was blessed growing up in such a peaceful, happy place. To keep the memory of my grandfather alive when my son was born I named him Ferruccio -, and it soon became my lifelong desire that this house should always remain in my family. For this reason I decided to turn it into a small hotel, Alessandra Fiaschi’s ‘A Casa Mia’. Now the hotel is called ‘Piccolo Hotel Chianti’, a welcoming hotel with spacious rooms.
In addition at last we have seen our dream come true of opening a restaurant where we can offer our hotel guests typical Sienese and Tuscan dishes.
It is my hope that I’ll be able to continue to run this hospitality enterprise for many years to come, continuing in our age-old tradition.